Dr. Isma Farah Siddiqui


Dr. Isma Farah Siddiqui received Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Hanyang University, South Korea. She was awarded with HEC scholarship for Ph.D. studies and remained an outstanding candidate with CGPA 4 out of 4 and received Best Thesis Award from the school of Science and Engineering, Hanyang University. During her Ph.D. candidature, she wrote 19 Conferences papers and 18 Journal articlesin context to her research related to the domain of smart environment and semantic web. Currently, she is performing her duties as Assistant Professor in Department of Software Engineering at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology. She has been an active TPC member of various conferences and is a reviewer of various prestigious journals such as IEEE Access, Future Generation Computer Systems, IEEE Communications Magazine, KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems. Her research interests include semantic web and semantic data analytics, Big Data analytics, context-aware data processing of Internet of Things and green cloud computing.


In this tutorial, we will learn about Semantic Web Technologies and Linked Data with hands-on practice on open-source frameworks and database software MongoDB with formation of databases with respect to its NoSQL mechanism. Also, we will explore concepts of Web of Things and knowledge graph formation using AllegroGraph that builds persistent and high-performance graph databases to store billions of triples and quads used in Web of Things. In the last, we will observe a transaction connectivity to query MongoDB databases using SPARQL and RDF-enabled linked data that are only processed by AllegroGraph graph databases.