Dr Fauzia Idrees Abro


Fauzia Abro obtained her Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics from Mehran University, Jamshoro, Masters in Cryptology from NUST and her PhD in Cyber Security from City, University of London. Her research interests are malware analysis, detection and prevention, mobile security, VoIP, network security and machine learning. Her research work has been published in various academic journals and conference proceedings. She serves on several editorial boards and international conference program committees. She is the first female of Pakistan with foreign PhD in Cyber Security.


Malware Detection approach for Android based Smartphones

In past few years, smartphones have transformed from simple mobile phones into portable computers, making them suitable for personal and business activities. Smartphones have become the major target for mobile malware due to increased reliance on them for daily activities such as storing private data, financial transactions, emailing, socializing and online shopping. The extensive use of smartphones has been a major driving force behind a drastic increase of malware attacks. In my talk, I will be talking about the application collusion, potential risks and detection challenges. Aim of this talk is to give an overview on the stealthy threat of application collusion in Android based smartphones and to repudiate the misconception about app isolation.