Call for PhD Symposium

PhD Symposium

In addition to the main conference’s technical program and the poster sessions, the program will also include a PhD Symposium . The goal of the PhD Symposium is to give an opportunity to the PhD students to present their research goals and the advances made so far in their research. Like the main conference theme the PhD Symposium also consists of the novel aspects of technology, application and development within the fields of Information and Communication Technologies. The PhD Symposium will largely help PhD students in order to inline their research according to current advances in the field, since the work will be witnessed by the conference attendees which includes not only researchers working in the field but also our experts from South Asia, Asia Pacific and Europe.
The PhD Symposium will consist of short (like work-in-progress), style talks, at the end of the appropriate technical session. This forum is best suited to students who are on a PhD journey and bit far from their completion, as otherwise it would leave little time to include advice and suggestions into their work. The students can come up with the concrete dissertation proposal outlining the key challenges they plan to solve as well as the strategies and methodologies that are applicable.


Submissions must include an extended abstract no longer than 2 pages. In addition, please submit a 3 slides (excluding the title) presentation (preferably PowerPoint) outlining the main ideas of the submitted abstract. Submissions must be made electronically in an email message to the PhD Symposium Chairs with subject line ” IMTIC’18 PHD SYMPOSIUM SUBMISSION”. The body of the email should include the title of the proposed talk as well as the name of the student and their advisor, including affiliations.


It is mandatory for every participant to fill out the registration form in order to get a printed card on his/her name during the conference. Please provide registration information on the online form (For PhD Symposium Participant).



  • No registration fees, enjoy all 3 days of conference
  • Certificate will be awarded to the best doctoral presentation work


Submission Deadline:12 APRIL- 2018
Notification of acceptance:17 APRIL- 2018
Final Submission:19 APRIL- 2018
Presentation Session:TBA



  • Tariq J. S. Khanzada , MUET, PK
  • Tayeb Din Memon, MUET,PK
  • Sania Bhatti, MUET, Pakistan.
  • Syed Amjad , MUET, Pakistan.
  • Imran Qureshi, MUET, Pakistan.
  • Saad Kalwar , Australia
  • Noman Qadeer, MUET, Pakistan.
  • Bhagwan Das, QUEST, PK