Following is the list of accepted papers.


S#Paper IDAuthorsTitle
11Saba Ejaz ,  Dr. Muhammad Aamir ,  Engr. Muhammad Asif Khan  and  Babar AshfaqModeling and Analysis of CPEC Energy Power Projects Using LEAP Model
29Rabia Iftikhar, Dr. Mohsin Memon, Prof. Tahseen Hafiz and Rabeea JaffriA Novel framework for location based messages
312Pireh Pirzada, Neil White and Adriana WildeSensors in Smart Homes for Independent Living of Elderly
422Mafaz Ahmad and Aqib KhanA Study of State Feedback controllers for Pole Placement
533Ali Akbar Shah, Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, Intizar Tunio and Jawaid DaudpotoTransient Structural health monitoring of The Test Bridges Using Finite Element Method
645Abdul Majeed Khaskheli, Mukhtiar Ahmed Mahar, Abdul Sattar Larik and Shafquat Hussain BhellarPower quality improvement in power system network using unified power flow controller
746Rajesh Kumar, Pawan Kumar, Rooh Ul Amin Shaikh, Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry and Bhagwan DasOptimal Rotor Pole Study of Outward Rotor.Switched Flux Permanent Magnet Machine for Downhole Application
847Mehwish Leghari, Shahzad Memon, Farhan Sahito, Asghar Chandio and Mehjabeen LeghariBiometric Verification Enhancement with Ensemble Learning Classifiers
959Samra Ishaq, Faisal Khan, Naseer Ahmad, Abdur Rashid and Lutf Ur RahmanPerformance Comparison of Single Phase Wound Field Flux Switching Machine
1064Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh, Asif Raza Solangi, Aizaz Ali Soomro, Kundan Kumar and Shubash KumarShort Circuit Analysis & Over current Relaying Coordination of IEEE 9-Bus System
1185Muhammad Ahmed Raza, Awais Rehman, Ijaz Mansoor Qureshi and Muhammad Habib MahmoodA Simplified approach to Visual Odometry using Graph Cut RANSAC
1293Rafey Rasheed Maher, Attiya Baqaiand Maria JanCost Effective Frame Work for implementing Elementary Education for Visually Impaired
13101Ubaid Ur Rehman and Muhammad RiazFeasibility of the Smart Grid Implementation for Better Load Management in Pakistan
14109Sikandar Ali ,  Hongqi Li ,  Muhammad Faisal Abrar  and  Muhammad YaseenA Systematic Literature Review of Critical Barriers to Software Outsourcing Partnership Formation
15113Amna Shaikh, Naeem Ahmed Mahoto, Salahuddin Saddar and Mutiullah ShaikhA Technique for Detection of Violating Property among UML/OCL Class Diagram
16114Muhammad Uzair Hassan, Zeashan Khan, Hassam Iqbal and Inam UllahReal time Control of a Robot using Electrooculogram based Eye Tracking System
17116Muqaddas Gull, Arshi Pervaiz and Saira Moin U DinCustomer Behavior Analysis Towards Online Shopping using Data Mining
18124Ubaid Ur RehmanDesign and Simulations of Backstepping Based Non-linear Control for MPPT in PV Systems
19141Muhammad Bux Alvi, Naeem Ahmed Mahoto, Majdah Alvi, Mukhtiar A. Unar and M. Akram ShaikhHybrid Classification Model for Twitter Data – A Recursive Preprocessing Approach
20145Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Dr. Muhammad Asif, Joshua A. Marshall and Michael GreenspanRobust Apple Segmentation using Fuzzy Logic
21148Asad Riaz, Muhammad Kamran Shereen and Shafaat UllahDesign and SAR Analysis of a Compact Multiband Handset Antenna for UMTS/HSPA+2100 MHz and 2.4 GHz ISM-Band standards for Cellular Applications
22151Eman Javed, Naeem Ahmed Mahoto, Vijdan Khalique and Mohsin Ali MemonExploring Role of Social Media Usage Towards Academic Activities of Students
23153Naeem Ahmed Mahoto, Sehar Gul Khan and Sadaquat Ali RukA Lexicon-based Method to Determine Subjectivity of Unstructured Data
24156Areej Fatemah Meghji, Naeem Ahmed Mahoto, Mukhtiar Ali Unar and Muhammad Akram ShaikhAnalysis of Student Performance using EDM Methods
25159Sundas Shafiq ,  Nadeem Javaid  and  Sheraz AslamOptimal power flow control in a smart micro-grid using bird swarm algorithm
26160Aqib Jamil, Nadeem Javaid and Sheraz AslamAn Efficient Home Energy Optimization by Using Meta-heuristic Techniques While Incorporating Game-theoretic Approach for Real-time Coordination Among Home Appliances
27170Asadullah Butt, Dr. Syed Irtiza Ali Shah and Qasim ZaheerWeapon Launch System Design of Anti-Terrorist UAV
28171Muhammad Usman Khalid,  Nadeem Javaid  and  Sheraz AslamA Game Theoretic-based Approach for Appliances Scheduling with Real-time Co-ordination in Smart Grid
29178Aamir Wali, Zain Haider, Ali Faraz, Rabia Fazal and Hammad HussainEnabling Programming for the Quadriplegic
30196Abdul Rehman Azam ,  Gulraiz Khan ,  Aiman Siddiqi ,  Hafiz Abdullah Khan and  Usman Ghani KhanModified Texture Features from Histogram and Gray Level Co-occurence Matrix of Facial Data for Ethnicity Detection
31201Manzoor Ali, Muhammad Shafi and Umar FarooqMuslims Prayer Activity Recognition using Smartphones Triaxial Accelerometer
32207Faraz Ahmad, Aziz Ahmad Haider, Muhammad Hassan Naveed, Atay Mustafa and Irshad AhmadMultiple Input Multiple Output DC to DC Converter
33209Muhammad KhanOn the Performance of Flying Ad Hoc Networks (FANETs) with Directional Antennas


S#Paper IDAuthorsTitle
120Faiza WaseemAnalysis Of World’s Top YouTube Channels 2017 In Terms Of Money And Popularity
223Faiza WaseemSocial Network YouTube A Source Of Earning
331Muhammad Irfan Khan and Adnan Ahmed SiddiquiATM PIN Verification via Smartphones: Securing the Future of Digital Banking in Pakistan
468Ahson AhmedLow-Cost Computer Vision Assisted Object Segregation Robot
5104Wajid Ahmed Channa, Qamaruddin Khand, Sajid Ahmed and Vishamber LalAN ONTOLOGY BASED CASE REASONING AND LEGAL CASE REPRESENTATION
6117Maqsood Khatoon Rattar, Naeem Ahmed Mahoto, Areej Fatemah and Muhammad Arif RattarPre-Web Search Bi-Lingual (Sindhi-English) Ontological Corpus Based System
7139Anas Tukur Balarabe and Zahriya Lawal HassanA Comprehensive Analysis of Digital Modulation Schemes
8150Nazish Tunio and Sanobar SoomroReal Time Tracking and Monitoring System for Train
9172Bakh Rani and Sher Muhammad DaudpotaImpact of Mathematics Perception on Students’ Performance